15 May 2024



Networking Breakfast


Breaking down silos: from design to implementation

To reduce development cycles and implement new technology more quickly, learn how automotive design, engineering, product and production can sync at scale without comprising quality, aesthetics or ambition.

Klaus Zyciora
Vice-President, Global Design, Changan

Martin Uhlarik
Vice President of Global Design, Tata Motors


Leading collaborative and agile design-to-engineering and production teams

Shortening design-to-production cycles depends on co-creative development, advanced innovation processes, digital tools and having shared goals and visions across functions and stakeholders.

Armand Nowak
Group Manager, Planning and Strategy, European Design Centre, Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center


Networking Break


Crafting sustainable vehicles: a comprehensive approach to material integration

Achieving sustainability and circularity in vehicle development requires an early and cross-functional approach to finding and developing innovative materials, and working with suppliers, purchasing and manufacturing to ensure target are met in production, recycling, and reuse within colour materials and finish (CMF).

Emilie Grimm
Color and Trim Designer, Hyundai Motor Europe


Creating eco-friendly vehicles: a holistic approach from concept to second life

Dive into the realm of sustainable vehicle development, where every decision counts towards a greener future. From materials and parts engineering, digital tools, vehicle architectures to production methods, explore how design and engineering shape the sustainability of cars.

David Mason
Design Operations Director, Nissan Design Europe

Amko Leenarts
Design Director, Ford of Europe

Jesse Paegle
Automotive Steel Solution Director, ArcelorMittal


Lunch Break


Simplify production to scale up production

Having more efficient, scalable and faster manufacturing processes must begin in the development and engineering phase of products, starting with suppliers through to OEMs. Explore how manufacturers, tier-1s and partners are using new processes and technology to simplify development and consider manufacturing across product development cycles. 

Markus Hein
Senior Site General Manager, Valeo


Harmonising Design, Engineering, and Production: A Leadership Dialogue

In today's automotive landscape, the convergence of design, engineering, and production processes is crucial for achieving efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage. This session brings together high-level guests to explore strategies for managing these functions as a unified entity, driving collaboration, and maximising synergies across the development cycle.

Dr. Daniel Kirchert
Founder and CEO, NOYO AG

Gustavo Guerra
Vice President Strategic Product Planning, Volvo Group


Networking Break


Innovating Electric and Software-Defined Vehicles

Explore the forefront of automotive evolution, where EV platforms and battery advancements are redefining design, engineering, and manufacturing collaboration.


Strategy – Realising design ambitions

Explore the dynamic exchange between car designers, engineers, and manufacturing experts in achieving design innovations right through manufacturing. Occupying a pivotal position between design and engineering, studio and design engineers can be both great advocates for design and a tempering force that ensures feasibility aligns with ambition.

Sven Wittke
Group Manager, Design Studio Engineering at European Design Center, Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center

Joaquin Garcia
Head of Design, Italdesign

Drinks Reception

Drinks Reception