Armand Nowak

Armand Nowak

Group Manager, Planning and Strategy, European Design Centre, Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center

Armand Nowak, born in Poland, has more than 17 years of deep experience in strategy and project management gained in wide spectrum of automotive development areas from design, through engineering to production. Throughout his career, he honed his management skills by leading multicultural teams in the key automotive brands like Hyundai and Toyota. Since 2015, Armand has worked directly with creative teams in a position of Planning and Strategy Manager at European Design Center of Hyundai, which is part of the R&D centre in Europe for Hyundai, Kia and Genesis, based in Rüsselsheim, Germany. Here, he manages many aspects of the design studio operations and processes to help to create the organisational environment ideal for fostering maximum creativity from design teams, as well as ensuring effective -touchpoints between design, business and engineering functions across Hyundai Motor. These are areas in which Armand enjoys contributing with his analytical and strategic approach.

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