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‘Partnership is the new leadership’ says Volvo Group’s Guerra

It might seem an unlikely strategy for an organisation as broad as Volvo Group, but strategic partnerships with others in the transportation arena (and beyond) is helping to bring results quicker. And at a practical level, it helps to share the load.

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“Plenty of work ahead” - Ford’s Amko Leenarts on sustainable design

Ford of Europe’s design director Amko Leenarts spoke to Car Design News shortly after leaving the stage at the Design4Production conference in Munich. Here he talks about the “hugely inspirational” conversations had during the show, but doubles down on the fact that designers and engineers can work together far more collaboratively, particularly with sustainability goals in mind.

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GenAI a ‘source of early inspiration’ says Audi designer

As a studio engineer prior to his current role at Audi, Daniele Sirigatti knows how designers work — and what makes them tick.

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'Designers and engineers are ultimately all creators' says Tata design boss

Martin Uhlarik has been on a mission to bring the design and engineering departments together within Tata Motors, and by all accounts he has done that. Part of the breakthrough came as a result of breaking down barriers — both metaphorically and physically, given the layout of the building — and recognising that both sides are working toward a shared goal. Read a summary of the Design4Production show here for free.

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“Just do it” - Changan design director Klaus Zyciora on agile car design

The ex-Volkswagen and now Changan design boss is enjoying his time in China and has found the “light speed” pace of development a refreshing change. Here he speaks with CDN editor James McLachlan during the Design4Production conference in Munich.

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Get all the highlights as they happen at Design4Production in Munich.

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