Strengthening design, R&D and production

Strengthening design,
R&D and production


15 May 2024 – Hochhaus Süddeutscher Verlag, Munich

To succeed in today’s fast-changing vehicle market, automotive manufacturers need to focus on the technology, design and quality that meet customer needs and enhance experience, and reduce features that add unnecessary processes, cost and time to market. Those manufacturers who add complexity where it adds little value, and don’t scale resources behind the tools and products that give them a competitive edge, will only fall further behind.

To achieve this, OEMs need to reduce silos across vehicle design, R&D and manufacturing planning. Together with key suppliers, they must accelerate the pace of vehicle development and launch, simplify part numbers and vehicle platforms, and ensure the manufacturability of design and technology innovation, whether using new materials and architectures, integrating software advances or adapting to rapid changes in battery cell chemistry and pack designs.

New for 2024, DESIGN4PRODUCTION stands as a pivotal event in the automotive industry.

Bringing together automotive designers and engineers, manufacturing engineers and plant leaders the event will delve into the transformative strategies and advancements shaping the future of vehicle design, development, and production.

Together, Car Design News (CDN), Automotive Manufacturing Solutions (AMS) and Automobil Produktion (AP), will combine forces to provide pivotal insights into opportunities, technologies, skills and challenges as the automotive industry turns to more design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) strategies.

Why attend?

Hear from industry leaders as they provide practical, strategic, and intelligent insights into the evolution of automotive manufacturing.

Forge new connections and drive collaboration taking advantage of networking opportunities at the event, as we bring the automotive manufacturing community together.

Explore the latest innovations with our partners showcasing the solutions that are transforming production for an electrified, digital, and sustainable future.

What’s on the agenda?


In a dynamic landscape, automotive manufacturers must adapt to technological shifts by fostering collaboration and breaking silos. Our agenda sessions will provide insights into development cycles, silo-breaking, and addressing standards challenges with DFM and DFA principles.

Sustainability and innovation

Explore how the automotive industry combines sustainability and innovation. Examine sustainable materials, recycling challenges, and ground-breaking technologies like 3D printing. Understand the role of suppliers and technology providers in supporting shorter development cycles and improving circularity. Discussions will look at where sustainability seamlessly intertwines with innovation in automotive engineering.

Co-creative collaboration

Discover strategies for seamless collaboration in automotive design, quality, and manufacturing. Learn about evolving relationships between internal and external design studios, engineering teams, and agile innovation processes. Explore tools, processes, and best practices for comprehensive views across teams and suppliers. Key discussion points include agile innovation, successful OEM-supplier collaborations, and the impact of advanced simulation and virtual technologies such as digital twins and AR/VR.

Next-gen battery and vehicles

Explore the future of next-gen vehicles, focusing on advancements in EV battery and pack design, strategic team alignment, and opportunities in vehicle architectures. Dive into discussions shaping the future of battery design, with a focus on total battery and chassis integration, and the digital evolution of vehicles.

Who should attend?

Together, the three specialist magazines of the Süddeutscher Verlag Car Design News (CDN), Automotive Manufacturing Solutions and Automobil Produktion (AP) will bring together

  • automotive designers and engineers
  • pre-series and manufacturing engineers
  • decision-makers from the production networks
  • plant leaders

…with automotive part suppliers, design studios, providers of engineering and IT services as well as tech and IT player in the new DESIGN4PRODUCTION event, to explore further ways to optimise the development process as the industry transforms.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our selection of outstanding speakers and key topical issues, as well as our emphasis on trusted networking.

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